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Oriana Argan Oil (Moroccan Gold) - 100mm - Oriana Beauty Products

Oriana Argan Oil (Moroccan Gold)
Oriana Beauty - Argan Oil



For centuries, Argan oil has been a well-kept secret, known only to Berber women in Morocco, who use it to nourish their skin, hair and nails. In recent years, Argan oil has caught the attention of cosmetic companies for its benefits. Argan oil not only makes your hair and skin softer, but it also nourishes the cells and helps regenerate new ones. Argan oil will also help make your nails stronger and more resilient. Overall, the benefits of Argan oil are astounding. It is one of the most therapeutic and beneficial natural oils used in the cosmetic and beauty product industry.

100 ml

Where does Argan oil come from?

Argan oil known as the green gold of Morocco, is an oil extracted from the nut of the Argan tree, which grows in the south-western part of Morocco between the Atlantic and the Atlas Mountains. The Argan tree is a very resistant tree, which can live for 150 to 200 years. It is perfectly adapted to the aridity of region in which it grows. Its roots grow deep in search of water and thus help retain the soil, preventing erosion and limiting the advance of the desert. The Argan tree plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance as well as contributing to the economic situation of the country. In 1999, UNESCO added the Argan tree to its World Heritage List.

The production of Argan oil is still mostly done using traditional methods. It is a labour-intensive and lengthy process carried out mainly by local Berber women, who work in cooperatives, and it can take between 10 and 12 hours to produce one litre of oil.

Argan oil is considered one of the rarest oils in the world due to its short harvesting season and the region where this tree grows. Argan oil has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its numerous cosmetic and therapeutic properties.

The production of Argan oil is controlled by the women’s cooperatives. Through Fair Trade, Argan oil provides the Berber women with a dependable source of income, a means of improving their financial independence and it also provides better access to health care and education.
Oriana Argan oil is 100% pure virgin cold-pressed oil sourced from the finest producers, and each batch is ECO certified in Morocco.

Argan Oil Benefits

There are many benefits to using Argan oil, and the cosmetics industry is capitalising on their anti-ageing skin benefits by offering hair, skin and cosmetics infused with this rare oil.

Through scientific testing and analysis it has been proved that Argan oil can increase the hydration and elasticity of ageing skin. It can also improve cell regeneration, which helps protect us from free radical exposure. Free radicals include pollution, sun exposure, smoking and stress.

The golden oil is an incredibly rich source of vitamin E; in fact, it contains twice as much as olive oil. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which keeps the skin smooth and youthful while reducing any ageing inflammation. Argan oil also contains saponins, which soften the skin and promote elasticity. They are also thought to help to reduce wrinkles by restoring the skin’s water lipid layer and to help cool and soothe.

Argan oil is also a potent source of essential fatty acids, especially the vital linoleic acid, which cannot be made by the body and must therefore be obtained from nature. These essential fats have been shown to prevent dry, ageing skin while rejuvenating the protective connective tissue and healthy skin cells.

Because this oil is completely natural and chemical free, it is fantastic for problematic skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. The high vitamin E content makes it useful for scarred skin, and the combined power of this oil makes it extremely beneficial for people with dehydrated skin, or with damage from overexposure to the sun or toxins. It also helps prevent stretch marks.

How to Use

Face: Argan oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave a greasy residue. A little oil goes a long way, so start by massaging the oil round the face in a circular motion at night to get a feel of how much your skin needs. If your skin is particularly dry you can use it in the morning or just add extra to problem areas. Chapped lips can also benefit from a small amount massaged one lip against the other. You can apply your make-up as usual.

Body: The oil is a good way of keeping the whole body supple and hydrated. Massage into the body during pregnancy to keep the skin elastic and supple. You can use the oil after a shower to retain moisture as pure Argan oil or mixed with body lotion.

Hair: If you have split ends, frizzy hair or just want beautiful, healthy, shiny hair you can apply the oil to dry hair, then wrap it in a warm towel and leave for 30 minutes or overnight. In the morning you can wash and style your hair as usual. For dry scalps, massage into the roots to nourish the skin.

Nails: Add equal amounts of Argan oil and lemon juice and soak for 15 minutes. This will help strengthen weak or brittle nails and improve their appearance. Also, rub a small amount of Oriana Argan oil into your hands, especially before going to bed.

Muscles: Amazingly, Moroccan Argan oil can also provide relief to tired muscles after strenuous activity. To apply, simply place a drop of Argan oil on your hand and massage on to the affected area. Feel your muscles relax after only a little while.

Moroccan Argan oil has also been used to help ease the pain of arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

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